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Computer Repair

Repair of laptops, and desktop computers—often in your own home. Fast, reliable, and affordably priced.


Setup and configuration of cabled and WiFi networks.

Malware Removal

Detection and removal of viruses, trojans, rootkits, and other forms of malware.

On-Site Training

One-on-one tutoring in Windows and MS Office applications, using your smartphones, tablets, and e-readers, and other tech skills.

Privacy Protection

Consulting on measures you can take to keep your online activities private, including using secure email services, texting services, and non-tracking browsers.

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  • A Timely Warning: Protect your Online Security!

    A Timely Warning: Protect your Online Security!

    A timely issue. Every citizen using the Internet needs to take responsibility for protecting his/her own right to privacy.
  • Don’t Fall for the “Microsoft Tech Support” Scam

    Don’t Fall for the “Microsoft Tech Support” Scam

    Another friend has fallen victim to the “Microsoft Tech Support” phone scam. Please, folks, remember this: neither Microsoft nor any other major software company, nor any computer manufacturer, INITIATES contact with their customers via telephone or “pop-up” windows that appear on your computer. Period. Full stop. Any such calls or pop-ups you receive are ALWAYS […]
  • Thanks for visiting

    Thanks for visiting

    Welcome to my new, redesigned website. Thanks for dropping by. This is a WordPress-based site—easy to maintain, and easy to optimize for search engine performance. If you need a website for yourself or your business, I can help you with that. Use the contact form at the bottom of this page. Also: stop by and say […]

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